Sunday, November 30, 2014

I dub thee Frankenmotor

Oil Pump issue behind me, connected, bled and so on.  Torqued all the motor mounts.  Started to connect some of the electrical, and, well, turns out the efi cylinder head I bought off of eBay appears to be from a 2001? EFI.  There is a temp switch in the head instead of the temp sensor, why not?  I have so many different parts in to this I do not know what is what any more.  All I know is the head looks identical, so I am swapping sensor/switches and calling it good.  I had asked around on some sled forums, most said it should work, a few said to check the "squish".  Ugh.  I will check the compression before I start it, and if it is within tolerances I am going with it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Slight delay due to oil pump.

Another bit of information, turns out that most of the EFIs use a different oil pump than the carbs.   Since my carb motor came with an oil pump on it, I assumed I could use it.  Just to be sure I decided to remove the motor (I can now do this in less than 20 minutes) to check it out.  Lucky for me I had kept my pump from my original motor. Like a dummy I removed the pump from the motor so I could check internal workings.  Not lucky for me is that the two pumps look identical, so much so when things were moved on my work bench I could not tell which was which!  If there is a next time I will tag EVERYTHING.  Anyway, since they look so much a like, external and internal, I am just putting one on, and hope for the best.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Some tips on the motor mounts when installing the engine...

1.  The AC Service manual says to install the lower coolant hose to the water pump before bolting in the motor mounts.  Do it!  The front Mag side mount is in the way.  While it is possible to slip it on afterwards, it would be easier with the mount pushed out of the way.

2. When I put the engine in, I installed the bolts in both front mounts, and the rear mag side mount. Unfortunately the PTO rear bolt hole would not line up.  I had to remove the engine bolts from the front PTO side mount and loose then rest to get it lined up.

3.  Likewise for the bottom bolt of the rear mag side mount, loosen the bolts on all the mounts, and remove the engine bolts from the from mag side mount, to allow alignment for this bolt.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Put the engine in....

After making an emergency run to replace a missing motor mount bolt, and a lot of swearing, the engine is back in the belly! Next  - tighten the bolts, connect the wires, refill the coolant, and so on................................not the best picture of my progress, but you get the idea.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm baaaaackkkk!

After a long hiatus from working on this machine I vow to finish it within the next few weeks.  However - when I moved it in to my heated workshop from the main part of my pole barn I noticed a peculiar smell.  Long story short, mice had taken up residence in the air silencer.  No one to blame but myself!  It sat in the same spot for 3 years and the mice lived there undisturbed.  So removed the air silencer, clean it out, and the area behind it.  Took about a week of soapy cleaning, Simple Green and Lysol wipes to get rid of the smell.  Finally I put it back in tonight.  Tomorrow I will but the computer module and related items back in.  Then I can pick up where I left off a few years ago. Stay tuned

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yet another setback

Well, I got past the impulse big deal.   I was then at the point where I wanted to install the engine in the chassis.  So i read through the service manual, step-by-step, and look at the chassis.   Seems that there is one more part that I will need to swap that the carb motors do not share with the efi's, the cylinder head.  The EFI motors have a coolant hose running from the throttle body to the thermostat housing on the cylinder head, and the carbs do not.   So now I have to locate the correct cylinder head.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Impulse Line replaced

I was lucky that one of my local Arctic Cat Dealers had the crankcase plug and gasket in stock, so I went an purchased them for $6.34 total - Thanks Groves!  Since I couldn't locate the torque specs for the plug I tightened it as much as I dared to before I though it would break.